Therapy Insurance

Therapy Insurance

It’s all about giving to be a therapist. Your clients seek your help when they are experiencing physical or emotional distress and in need of relief—or perhaps for ongoing maintenance or preventative treatments. Whatever the case, they are literally placing themselves and their well-being in your hands when they are at their most vulnerable. They trust that the work you do with them will set them on a path to healing and help them overcome their obstacles.

Everyone needs to depend on someone who is insecure – even therapists like you. How would you care for your customers if you do not feel like anyone is protecting or caring for you? The insurance of counseling is an essential aspect of self-care. It frees you from thinking about what could happen if anything goes wrong. Nor is it just for you. If your clients know you are insured, you can rest assured, because they know that you are a true professional. Your insurances show you that your well-being is your highest priority, both mentally, emotionally and financially. Therapy insurance covers the organization and helps you to keep your clients safe and help them with freedom and peace of mind.

Who Trusts Us? Therapists Like You

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Just hop on the computer and done

I was impressed with how easy it is to sign up and the convenience of setting it up at home. No need to call just hop on the computer and done within 10 mins.
Kristi J.

Quick quote, easy process

This was so easy. Quick quote, easy process to get low price for the amount of coverage that I needed.
David O.

Would definitely recommend them

Couvert LA made it a simple walk through process to get insurance. Prices were very good, would definitely recommend them to anyone looking.
Ben N.

Why Do Therapists Need Insurance?

Is therapist insurance required by law?

Based on what you do, where you live, how you operate, what kind of tools you use, and whether you have employees. There may be some variations of therapy insurance that the law requires you to carry. You’re going to need to review your local laws to find out what the law says in your area. In any case, even though you’re not required by law to get liability insurance, it’s still a good idea.

Why do I need insurance for therapy?

As a therapist, you are mindful of the old saying “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” In addition, to deal with problems, you work with your clients to help them create perfect conditions for a healthier life. This is just what your insurance provider does it builds perfect conditions for your business to prosper. You will concentrate on the development of the people if you have therapy insurance without worrying about what if something is going to happen if anything goes wrong.

How will having insurance impact my business?

Your clients come to you because they know they can trust you; you are committed to their best interests. Insurance is a good way to improve this impression, especially for prospective customers who have not yet had the opportunity to get to know you yet. Although telling potential clients that you have insurance tells them that they are insured, and they know that you care about their well-being and want to make sure that some cares about them. This is something you might feel close to your therapist’s license. Yet, contrary to the license, insurance will potentially provide you with a lead in your competition, indicating to consumers that you are serious about what you do.  And to prove that you are covered, thanks to our Live Certificate, has never been easier than with CouvertLA Insurance. With a click of a button, you have the ability to share your Live Certificate and leave your competitors behind to deal with annoying paperwork.

What Kind of Therapist Insurance do I Need?

You may have heard of different types of insurance for your therapy business. The two most simple types of therapy insurance to cover the most common issues faced by professionals like you are general liability insurance and professional liability insurance. Read further to learn about the differences in how they vary.

General Liability Insurance

General liability insurance can provide financial security if a covered accident happens and someone is accusing your company. General liability insurance commonly covers there three types of incidents: personal injury, if someone sustains non-physical damage, such as reputation or privacy, bodily injury, if someone gets hurt, and physical property damage.

Therefore, if a client trips on a rug in your clinic, sprains an ankle, and demands that you cover their medical costs, your insurance could take care of that for you. Or if you were being interviewed by publication and you let slip something unflattering about another competing therapist, and sues you for defamation, your insurance can help you cover your legal fees. If you rent a room and accidentally pour coffee on a luxurious chair you can help cover the cost of a replacement with a general liability policy.

Professional Liability Insurance

Other general forms of insurance include professional liability insurance and professional errors. In the medical industry, this type of insurance is referred to as “malpractice” insurance. You probably entered your career because of the care you have for people. We are sure that you’ll take every measure to keep them safe and comfortable during your treatments. But you are still only human, and even the most experienced therapist they have encountered accidents. If your client sues and has claimed that your massages were not successful and now need to pay extra for additional massages, you’ll be delighted to obtain professional liability protection. Professional liability insurance ensures that you can expand your business and not worry about your insurance.

Our Solution: One Policy for Therapists

Not completely sure on the distinction between general and professional liability insurance? You are not the only one – the variation can be really technical at times! How do you know what type of insurance is correct for your business?

You certainly do not need the headache of sorting this out, and you definitely do not need to pay for needless insurance. For this reason, at CouvertLA Insurance we have a combined policy for therapists, including what you need from general liability and professional liability insurance. We have carefully studied the sorts of claims that ate most commonly made in your profession and based on that knowledge we have created your policy on that data. Our purpose is to give you both inexpensive and reliable insurance that excludes extras that only raise the costs and provides insurance coverage that will protect your company and allow you to provide relief and health for more clients.

How Much Does Therapist Insurance Cost?

We are devoted to giving you exceptional therapy insurance at a price that just might shock you. Often as our plans differ according to the needs of your individual company, so does the cost of therapist insurance also differ. Factors affecting your therapist insurance cost could include the size of your company, the location, what exactly you do, and more. Most of our therapist clients are paying around $30 per month for their insurance, but their rates may differ. The easiest way to know what its costs, go online and get a customized therapist insurance quote and receive it in minutes.

How Do I Know I Can Trust You?

We know that putting your trust in an organization is not easy. There are so many decisions that are involved in operating your business. Choosing insurance should not be one of them. We hope you’ll take the opportunity to get to know us, but in the meantime, it will help to hear about our services from what our clients have to say about our services. You can find our customer reviews to learn about the experiences and feedback of other therapists and company owners just like you.

Still Have Questions?

If some of the things we have discussed here are still unclear, it might help you read our FAQ page, in which we go more in-depth on what we have been discussing here.

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