Professional Liability

What Is Professional Liability Insurance?

Professional Liability insurance, generally referred to as E&O insurance, protects companies against legal litigation or negligence lawsuits. It protects them from civil proceedings. In comparison, insurance covering injuries covers occupational faults and does not cover general liability insurance cover accidents. The aim of this insurance is to protect anyone from an electrician who miswired a lighting to a nail technician who was accused of not properly cleaning products between clients, which leads to an infection with a client’s nails. The insurance cost of professional liability varies by the form of organization and supports you in making these mistakes or even in believing that your customer has done so.

What’s So Important About Professional Liability Coverage?

Aren’t you taken care of if you have general liability insurance? It is a little tougher than that. General liability insurance covers other persons and accidents which cause direct injury or damage to property.

Who needs Insurance for Professional Liability?

Many organizations provide professional liability insurance coverage as it reaches beyond incidents. Let’s say you are a plumber that is installing a sink. You drop one of your heavy wrenches and scratches some expensive furniture. Many general liability provisions will cover this property loss.

If you put the sink correctly and the client calls a month later to say that the installation caused plumbing damage and all the pipes in the toilet have to be replaced now, the professional liability would come in place. A personal trainer was also an example and was asked to prepare a customer for a marathon. If the customer then has persistent pain in his due to the bad consultancy of the coach and complain against the individual insurer’s professional liability.  

 Your Credibility is at Risk

Each person makes mistakes and for general contractors, that’s just as true for nail technicians, but when they decide which professionals to recruit, the future clientele does not think about that. This is why it is crucial not to allow your reputation to be won over by a single error. If a client believes that you have made an error (whether or not), professional liability protection is what helps you to step on quickly and conveniently rather than being embroiled in legal cases or expensive payments for publicity. You can also stop competing with clients, when instead of arguing over the costs, you can call in the insurance to decide what was or was not prepared to pay, what harm or was not caused.

What Does Professional Liability Insurance Cover?

The misinterpreting thing about professional liability insurance is that your general liability policy also covers such claims, such as copyright infringement, legal costs, advertisement damage, and more. In fact, professions have different risks, particularly and solely under occupational liability insurance. A consumer with continuous hair damages from bad goods may have been deemed to be professionally responsible, but a cabinet could have been wrongly built or the wrong cleaner was used, destroying a beautiful rug and those are obviously very different types of damage.

How much is professional liability insurance?

It depends on the business and on several other factors. That is why it is so important to have a company-specific and affordable professional liability insurance quote that is customized for you.

What Isn’t Covered by a Professional Liability Policy?

All policies have exclusions or types of harm not protected by them and that is valid for insurance under professional liability.

Four of the major forms of allegations not protected by most professional liability policies are as follows:

Intentional Wrongdoing and Illegal Activity

It is difficult to imagine something other than your best career, but people are often tempted to take shortcuts. Your professional liability insurance will not cover this if you do this and damage outcomes. Then imagine for example a plumber calling a client fourteen times whose bratty child cannot stop flushing the teddy of his sister. But this time, the plumber does have a more lucrative job and does not want to waste time. He says that it cannot be fixed to the adoring parents. If he knows it, but by providing incorrect details he makes the issue worse, professional liability will not cover him. Similarly, if he steals the teddy bear on the way out, professional liability will not cover the teddy bear theft.

False Advertising

This corresponds with the cases above. If you are sued for false advertising, you would not be protected by professional liability insurance if the marketing materials contain information about your product or your certification. If you are not or claim to provide services that you do not currently provide. You cannot claim to be accredited.

Accidents Covered by Other Policies

The insurance for professional liability only covers professional mistakes. But even though you do your job correctly, mistakes occur. Job Skills and expertise do not prevent people from falling or getting into bad weather.  In such case the events cause clients, transients, or harm to their property, general liability shall be protected. They are covered by workers’ compensation insurance when it happens to staff. If your office or studio has been vandalized or destroyed, property insurance also covers it.

Employment Disputes

While professional liability covers errors made by your workers, it does not cover claims made against you as your employer. So, if you are sued by a disgruntled employee for discriminatory or improper firing the insurance does not help. You probably need liability protection for work practices.

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Intentional Wrongdoing and Illegal Activity

Intentional Wrongdoing and Illegal Activity

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False Advertising

False Advertising

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Accidents Covered by Other Policies

Accidents Covered by Other Policies

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Employment Disputes

Employment Disputes

This is a brief summary of your policy and does not supersede the policy documents. If you want full details, please call us.


Calculating the Average Cost for Professional Liability Insurance

Many companies are offering a professional liability policy alone, others are selling it in combination with general liability insurance. One valuable benefit of getting both plans together or from a single provider is that you do not have to worry whether anything can be protected under the general liability or part of your professional liability policy. If you are an entrepreneur, you do not want to spend a lot of time deciding the policies you are required to apply for and making your general and professional liability insurance the same agency.

The costs of insuring professional liability can differ significantly depending on the goods, limitations, and industries included. If you find yourself in an environment where every job is big and errors are expensive, you are generally more paid than if every job you do pays less and so the risk could be lower. You will work out just how much your professional liability coverage costs by receiving a deal that takes your individual needs into consideration.

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