Construction Insurance

Construction Insurance

Construction Insurance

Construction work involves the construction of a place where a client’s lives can unfold-whether it’s a house, an office, or another structure. As the owner of the construction company, you have clients who are counting on you. They’re relying on you to build spaces that are safe, usable, and beautiful, that will serve them for many years to come. 

Getting a proper construction insurance policy gives you trust and protection to keep expanding your company. Insurance for construction companies means that you commit your resources to stellar work without the fear of bad outcomes. Attention to detail is a critical skill of the construction manager. Construction liability insurance sends a direct message to your customers that you are serious about what you are doing and that you choose to have all of your bases covered.  This allows them to trust you and your ability to carry out their projects. 

Who Trusts Us? Construction Professionals Like You

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One of the simplest and best experiences

This was utterly one of the simplest and best experiences I have had buying general liability insurance for my construction company in nearly 37 years of doing business. Thank you very much for your service.

Been looking for insurance for a while now but couldn't afford it

I've been looking for insurance for a while now but couldn't afford it. I had an opportunity to work for a couple of large companies but i needed to provide documents and now I have them
Lee W.

Saved me about $850 a year

Saved me about $850 a year and being able to email proof of insurance straight from website to customers is awesome!!! Plus it was really easy to sign up without all the back and forth of traditional companies.
Dustin W.

Why Do Construction Businesses Need Insurance?

Is Construction Company Insurance Required by Law?

Construction companies and their insurance requirements differ by state and city. In most areas, however, construction companies are required to have minimum insurance coverage. This is because when construction projects have major safety concerns and require significant investment. You may need to consult with the local authorities to find out what are the exact regulations for a specific area for the specific line of work that will be conducted. 

Why Do I Need Construction Business Insurance?

Construction company general liability insurance helps you so that you can focus on your job knowing that your business is protected in the unlikely event that something may go wrong. Running a company can be unpredictable. Choosing the proper insurance for your construction company gives you one less thing to worry about and to take care of. Plus, our monthly payment option helps ensure that your construction insurance expenses do not interfere with your job.

How Will Having Construction Liability Insurance Impact My Business?

People are seeking you for jobs that are important to them. They will hire you if you can be trusted and they are confident in your expertise. Obtaining a construction liability insurance policy goes to show to your customers that you take your company and projects seriously by investing to protect them. The monthly cost of reliable high-quality insurance can only be compared to the degree of coverage and expertise that it offers you. In fact, as our policyholder, you can share your Live Certificate of insurance with your customers with a click of a button. That gives you an advantage against your competition that may still be dealing with paperwork to prove to their customers that they are insured. 

CouvertLA Insurance Advantage


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What Types of Construction Insurance Do You Recommend?

You need to get the right kind of insurance to make sure that your company is protected. There are a few different types of construction liability insurance that you may want to consider as a business owner. The two most common types of commercial or residential construction contractors are general liability insurance and professional liability insurance.

General Liability Insurance

General liability insurance for construction businesses is the most basic level of insurance that is often required by the law. General liability construction insurance can cover various types of situations, but the main concept is that it can provide compensation when an accident happens, and someone blames your company. 

There are three main types of incidents that general liability can cover: property damage, bodily injury, and personal injury. Each of these refers to an accident involving a third party, which is not you or your employees. 

For example, if one of the workers places a pile of cement blocks on the sidewalk and someone falls over it and gets cut and requires stitches, general construction liability insurance could cover the medical expenses for the other person. Or if you make a derogatory remark about an opponent, and it comes back to them the competitor may sue you. If they sue, alleging defamation of character, general liability insurance may cover your legal expenses. Finally, if you move an expensive glass artwork and accidentally drop it, construction general liability insurance could compensate the owner for the loss and damage. 

Professional Liability Insurance

Professional liability insurance is another form of construction insurance that can protect your business. It is important in situations where you are accused of making a mistake or not doing the job correctly, although the allegation is not true. This type of liability insurance for a construction company is often referred to as “errors and omissions” E&O insurance. Here is how it refers to situations where a practitioner has caused damage by making a mistake for forgetting to do something they should have done. 

This type of small business constriction insurance could be applicable, for example, you are painting a house and the wrong color was used. You may have made a mistake, and your professional liability insurance for construction may cover the cost of fixing it. 

In our experience, professional liability insurance claims appear to be less than general liability claims. As mentioned, our combined construction insurance plans have lower limits on this form of insurance. There is really no need to pay for millions of dollars of coverage when nearly almost every case we’ve seen will be covered by a reduced cost, lower cap, construction insurance policy.

Our Approach: One Construction Insurance Policy

The precise variations between general liability insurance and professional liability insurance are complex. We have found that company owners have plenty to think about without stressing about the technicalities of your insurance. This is why you get a unique advantage when you buy your construction liability insurance from us. We offer a combined general construction insurance policy that covers exactly what you need from each insurance policy. However, if you need residential construction insurance or commercial construction insurance, you receive precise insurance coverage. 

We’ve done extensive research on the types of claims that are made towards construction companies. Our combined policy is designed to cover just the types of situations you may need it for. Except for extras and excessively high limits for coverage that you would not need, what makes it possible for us to provide you a high coverage policy at a reasonable price. It’s how you realize you’ve selected from all the construction insurance companies that are out there. We would rather you spend the extra time and resources on building your company!

What If I’m a Carpenter Who Paints? Or a Handyman who Landscapes?

Construction requires a wide variety of different responsibilities. We know that there are many professionals who specialize in more than one area of work. If you are doing various types of jobs, submit a general contractor insurance application. There is space in the application where you specify the exact percentage of time you spend on each type of job. That way, we can guarantee you construction insurance coverages specially tailored to meet your needs. 

How Much is Construction Insurance?

No two companies seem to be the same, particularly in regard to construction.  As a result, the pricing of construction liability may vary. The cost of building construction insurance depends on how large your company is, what it does, and where it operates. 

Our policies typically start at $1-2 a day but the best way to calculate your personal construction insurance rate is to go online and get your specific construction business insurance quote. Analyzing construction insurance companies’ rates, coverage, online service, and providers will help you decide what is best in construction liability insurance to help your company succeed.


There Are so Many Construction Insurance Companies. Can I Trust You?

Like starting a company, buying insurance is a leap of faith. We know that you want to be certain that you are entering into a commitment with a company that you can trust. A great way to find out which construction company is suitable for you is to read reviews from other people with businesses like yours who have had experience with that specific company. We welcome you to check out the feedback that our clients have written about us to see how pleased they are with the service that we provided for them. If you see what our clients have to say and combine it with the value, you’re going to see in your tailored construction insurance quote, you might conclude that we’re trustworthy.

Still Have Questions?

If ever there is anything else, you’d like to know about rates and coverage of construction insurance we do have a FAQ section. It answers some of the most common questions and concerns business owners like you have had. Don’t be afraid and feel free to take a look!


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