Commercial Auto Insurance

Commercial Auto Insurance

What is Commercial Auto Insurance?

Commercial auto insurance is necessary if you or your staff are involved in an accident to cover your company from unforeseen costs. 

Whether you have only one work truck or a small fleet of delivery vehicles, your commercial auto insurance policy may provide coverage up to your policy limits for:  

Expenses for claims related to emergency care
Medical bills
Property damage
Damage to your vehicle
Legal fees

Do I need Commercial Auto Insurance?

You may even have an insurance policy on your personal vehicle. Great! But it certainly would not cover injuries during your business driving. 

If you use your car you may need an insurance policy if you are using your vehicle for work:

Supply any products, pizza, flowers or other products
Providing any service that uses a vehicle regularly
Move tools such as cleaning or landscaping equipment you use for work
Go to workplaces

Why is Commercial Auto Insurance important?

If you need an auto insurance policy tailor-made for your routine operations or one that you rarely only use for work. 

You may be needed by law to have commercial auto insurance. 

Most states provide insurance for some forms of commercial auto-coverage incidents for your company cars. 

Liability insurance for accidents and harm to the property is the most important state provision.

Some states also require uninsured/underinsured motorists’ coverage and medical payments coverage which is also known as personal injury protection. 

You will decide the types of vehicles being used for your business, how they are used, who is using them will define what kind of insurance you need. 

Insurance for business cars will provide more coverage 

The distinction between work and home probably is complex if you are like most business owners. Your personal vehicle and company auto insurance should never be like that. 

And if you have only one vehicle for all your travel needs, when you drive for the business you are exposed to different risks than when you drive for personal reasons. You will need a wider coverage of a commercial auto policy. 

If you have personnel that drives your cars, your commercial auto insurance policy can also cover them up to the limits on your policy. 

Commercial Auto insurance can help attract clients 

For your clients, too, commercial auto insurance is important. The right auto insurance shows that the insurer is ready for the unexpected. You know things do not always go as planned, but your clients can rest assured that they receive the same reliable service. 

Some clients may require you to have a certificate of insurance before they agree to work with you. It was 

What does Commercial Auto Insurance cover?

Cookie-cutter commercial auto insurance coverage is just about as ludicrous as it sounds. You have particular requirements that are specific to your company, and the risk you face should be tailored to your auto insurance. Usually, policies include: 


The bodily injury segment of commercial auto policy covers physical injury to someone who is not in your vehicle up to your policy limit. You and your employee would want insurance when you or your employee gets into a car accident while at work and someone is hurt. 

Your policy can cover claims, medical costs, the recovery period, and more under your coverage limits if you have commercial auto insurance. 

Property Damage

If you are injured by someone’s personal property, your insurance can pay up to the policy limit for repair or replacement. 

Depending on your policies, legal bills and other costs you never saw coming, such as this great mailbox that you hit with your side mirror can be protected. 

Personal Injury

In this situation, “personal injury” refers to you and your employees. If you, an employee, or other vehicle occupants are involved in an accident, the resulting costs will be covered by your commercial auto policy up to your policy limits. 

Collision Coverage

It is important for your company that your auto insurance cover crashes because you depend on your cars. If your car or truck is involved in an accident, your commercial auto insurance will pay for repairs or replace vehicles.

The right commercial car insurance may pay for fast repair or replace up to the real cash value of your vehicle at the time of failure, so you do not have to miss another day at work. 

Comprehensive Coverage

Comprehensive commercial auto insurance coverage could help you after a robbery, burglary, or weather-related damage and may help you fix or replace your car. 

Although you can stop a lot of mishaps by being careful and diligent, there are others you cannot predict, such as a free-falling on your car in the office parking lot or break-ins outside your yoga studio. 

To be certain, carefully read your policy description to find out just what your commercial auto insurance exactly does and does not cover. 

Underinsured Motorists

You are hit by another car and your truck is a total loss. It is worse than you thought. They do not have enough coverage to replace it and to pay for the medical costs. Your commercial auto policy with CouvertLA Insurance covers uninsured or underinsured motorists up to the limits of your policy. 

Rental Reimbursement

After an accident, the car is in the shop. Your commercial auto insurance covers your rental for you up to $100 per day to your rental reimbursement limit if you purchase our “pro” or “pro plus” package. 

Towing and Labor Reimbursement

When on the way to a job site your vehicle overheats, and it needs to be towed to a shop. 

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