Contractors Insurance

Tailored insurance for contractors

Contractors Insurance

Tailored insurance for contractors

Why Do Contractors Need Insurance?

Is Contractors Insurance Required By Law?

General liability contractor insurance, as a minimum insurance policy for contracting business, may be needed by law depending on where you work. Contractor insurance regulations vary from state to city. For exact legal criteria, we suggest that you review your local requirements.  Nevertheless, we believe that insurance for general liability contractors is a smart idea for any company.

Why Do I Need Contractors Insurance?

The contractor’s liability provides the company security and tranquility even to the unseen parts of life and as an owner of a business. You can do your job and concentrate on your work without fear of what could happen or whether anything goes wrong with the right independent contractor insurance.

What’s The Impact On Your Business?

Clients want a reliable contractor. One way is to prove to the contractor’s general liability insurance that you have an advantage with a serious insurance policy and a contractors’ insurance certificate as they would expect. If you have affordable contractors’ insurance, you can pay weekly, so your profitability will have tremendous impacts. Independent insurance provides your clients with proof that you can take care of them not only correctly but in the unlikely event of an accident.

Customer Testimonials

Easy set up

“Took 15 mins to fill out and get insurance set up ... very easy process; especially like the ability to update additional insured and send info to customers as needed.”
Jose G.

Half the price

“As a electrical contractor there were certain requirements that I needed. They offered everything that all the other companies did but for half the price.”
George I.

Fast and easy coverage

“I would recommend them to any and all contractors who are looking for a great policy at a more than fair price... Thank you for your excellent service.”
Gabriel R.

Recommended Contractor Insurance Coverage:

You must know that you are getting all your coverage when it comes to employers’ insurance. You should know what you get and make sure that you have the right insurance company for your needs. The most applicable coverage for insurance undertakings is explained here:

General Liability Insurance

General liability insurance for contractors is the basis of concrete insurance coverage. The insurance covers many types of cases, but at the heart of the insurance covers compensation for anything which goes wrong and is to blame for your business.

Contractors general liability insurance covering bodily injury, personal injury, and damage to property. These terms can very confusing, so we can clarify.

In this situation, bodily harm is a bodily injury to a third person – not you or one of your staff, but someone else. Thus, you may be liable, and the independent insurance agent can cover yourself, if someone trips on an extension cord and breaks their arm, or if a tool is used by you and hit someone on their feet, and they need stitches, or if they go to your office and fall.

In terms of employer benefits, personal injury is a little more complex. It does not apply to physical injury, but rather to the case of violating copyright by mistakenly using a picture of someone else in an advertisement, or a rival and being sued for defamation of character. Your general liability insurance contractors may be important in that situation.

Finally, the liability insurance policy also covers damage to property. Given how long most contractors like you would spend on assets not belonging to you, it might not be difficult to imagine that at some point you could cause or be responsible for property damage. Whether it is a ladder causing scratches to an expensive hardwood floor, or even an appliance that gets damaged while you move it, you will want to make sure your contractor’s liability insurance covers property damage.

Professional Liability Insurance

Whereas insurances on general liability for contractors are a must, it also necessary to cover professional liability. Professional liability insurance protects situations where you’re being alleged, whether or not it is valid, of not having done your job properly.

For contractors, that may mean not adequately installing a drain, so someone has to reinstall it, or a paint job not done to the satisfaction of a customer if they decide it has to be replaced.

Professional liability insurance claims for contractors often fall well short of general liability claims, which is why our insurance for contractors offers lower liability professional liability coverage.

It should also be remembered that occupational liability is often called “Insurance of Errors and Omissions” or “E&O.”

Our Approach: A Single Contractor’s Insurance Policy

You’re occupied, we know. You do not have any more time to negotiate with the policies and see which insurance provider you have and need. Therefore, we provide a single insurance policy that blends both to meet your needs as well as possible while taking as little time and effort as possible from you rather than offering separate general and professional liability plans.

We believe that we can deliver fantastic coverage at a reasonable price by providing you with a policy. For each specialist class, our policy depends on comprehensive analysis to include all the coverage you need, with no extra details you do not need.

We know that you have limited time and resources, but you do not need a strong coverage of it; that is why we are committed to providing a simple, affordable, and tailor-made policy.


We have a section of contractors who often inquire for insurance undertakings and you are welcome to check them out. Moreover, some of the most commonly asked questions are:

What If I Do Multiple Activities? Handyman and Plumber, Electrician and Painter?

It is no problem to do numerous activities to receive insurance from contractors. You can apply for the general contractors’ policy if you do multiple tasks, and you will have room in the questionnaire you fill out to show precisely what percentage of time you spend on each job.

You do various things, we understand, you will not preclude you from having an independent contractor liability insurance.

How Do I Know I Can Trust You?

The purchase of contractors’ insurance can be deceptive as you want to see who you can trust. One of the easiest ways to determine where to purchase your strategy is to check customer feedback just like you. Take a look at the feedback left by our clients, and you will find that our guarantee of an affordable, personalized insurance contractor is not just a promise, but that’s what we offer.

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