Errors and Omissions

Who needs errors and omissions insurance?

E&O policies can help most companies delivering a service or providing professional advice. Mutual types of business that buy a policy from us include: 

Insurance agents
Real estate agents and brokers
Home inspectors
Property managers
Financial advisors

Why is errors and omissions insurance coverage important?

In order to ensure you are safe from which you might be exposed when making business decisions with your client or company partners, it is important to have E&O protection in your company insurance plan.

For example, up to your policy limit may cover costs if:

A client claims that you made a financial mistake.
You miss a deadline while providing a service that affected your client.
Someone argues they lost revenue, because the company’s services were negligent.

Some other advantages of mistakes and omissions insurance include:

E&O Insurance can help you get more Clients

If you have an errors and omissions insurance, you tell your clients that if you make a mistake that affects their company financially, they are insured.

You might be required to have E&O Coverage for Contracts and Certifications

E&O insurance could be required for certain occupations to receive a professional certificate or license or you will need to be insured by your client before you sign a contract.

For example, before an agent contract with a broker, an immobilizer can have to buy an E&O policy and provide an insurance certificate. insurance brokers frequently need to be insured before operating for an insurance company or organization.

E&O can cover costs to defend your Business

Disputes in business will spread to legal proceedings. If your company’s professional negligence or financial damage causes a mistake, compensation for your errors and omissions can be beneficial before you hit your policy limits.

For example, if a fire occurs in a house, a resident can lodge a complaint against him alleging that the manager does not inspect the smoke detector properly.

Other areas protected by errors and omissions insurance include:

Disciplinary Proceedings – in lawsuits brought against you by a professional review board or a licensing organization, costs to cover yourself.

Crisis Management – retention charges for a public relations company after a claim of professional incompetence.

Subpoena Assistance – expenses incurred in producing documentation and attesting to the summons.

What does errors and omissions insurance cover?

The errors and omissions insurance will cover you against unintended costs in three primary areas:

Your Business Mistakes

You can do all right in your business, but errors are not 100% avoidable yet, E&O insurance will cover you, if you or your employees suspect yourself of having done a mistake that caused financial harm to an individual or company, from pocket costs after you have reached your policy limit.

Example: A property agent neglects to expose the fault with the house siding in the excitement of concluding a deal on a prime property, which would cost $20,000 to fix. The person who bought the house may sue the officer. The E&O coverage of the agent will cover those costs before the policy limit.

Accusations of Professional Negligence

You are required to behave in the best interest of your customers when providing professional services. Lawyers call it a “care duty.” You will be convicted of professional negligence and compelled to defend yourself if your business activities result in financial damages.

If you were held liable in respect of the damages of your customer, your E&O insurance will cover related costs up to the limit of your policy, including legal and judgments.

Example: A new company stock is about to hit the market. It produces a lot of buzzes, although a potentially volatile alternative is known. A financial planner uses the savings of a consumer, even though the customer wants a conservative and balanced approach. One day later it cleaned out the inventory tanks and 80% of the investment.

The client may have justification to sue the advisor. The E&O coverage of the advisor would be charged up to the regulation cap for defense expenses.

Missed Deadlines

You can make or break a company in accordance with your industry. You may be asked (or compelled to) pay for the damages if you miss a deadline for a project that causes substantial financial damages for your client. Your E&O policy will cover costs up to the limits on your policy.

For example, Business is booming for an insurance agent – so much so that she missed to inform the client to renew a personal auto insurance policy. The client crashes into another car a day after the policy expires and causes substantial damage. The argument is dismissed because the policy is no longer active and the consumer decides to sue the agent for damages. The E&O policy of the agent will be to cover the costs up to the limit of the policy.

What is not covered by an Errors and Omissions Policy?

Read carefully the contract document in order to understand what E&O insurance for your company is protected and is not covered.

Claims made cover insure E&O plans. This concept means that you are only protected by the claim reported during the policy duration, the first day that the insurance policy will be in effect before your coverage ends. Claims received by the insurance company are the first day.

E&O offers valuable security steps, but to ensure that you are safe from all the threats your company is faced you need to explore other policies. We also have compensation for business accidents, damage to property of another person, driving business, and more.

Client injuries and property damage

General liability insurance protects the most common incidents which can harm the property not belonging to you or cause non-employee injury. This will cover medical expenditure, for example, if a client damages a property after a slip and fall accident or repair/replacement expense.

Employee injuries and illnesses

Workers’ comp insurance will cover medical costs, income missed and employer responsibility if one of the workers is injured or sick at work. It is mandatory in most states with employees.

Business transportation

Most states require a commercial auto insurance policy for business-owned vehicles. Commercial auto provides protection for incidents that occur while driving for your company that is not always covered by a personal auto insurance policy, even though it is not necessary for your state.

Business property

To protect you from damages from your professional errors, E&O policies are built. Any damage to the property and facilities of your company or damages from business interruption is not covered.

Claims made outside your Policy Period

As soon as possible, disclose any E&O claims or potential claims. Since E&O insurance is a claim made the scheme, you are only insured during the policy period or claims reported (the time your policy is active.

Employment Disputes

Errors and omissions insurance cover professional mistakes committed by your workers or you, but as their boss, it does not cover lawsuits made against you. E&O insurance cannot help you if a disgruntled employee sues you discrimination or wrongful termination. You would certainly need liability insurance for work practices.

Intentional Wrongdoing and Illegal Activity

Mistakes happen, and many of them will be protected by your E&O policy. However, you do not have coverage if you or an employee knowingly make work-related decisions that cause financial or physical harm. To prevent this, get legal advice from a lawyer to make sure that everywhere you do business, you comply with laws and regulations.

False Advertising

You will not be able to fall back on your business, your product, or your credentials, and you are sued. For all public-facing material, ensure that you are open and honest.

How much does Errors and Omissions Insurance Cost?

Starting at $18 a month, CouvertLA Insurance provides business insurance. The cost of the monthly insurance premium for your mistakes and omissions is calculated by many factors affecting your business operations including:

Your Exposure to Risk

Businesses with more risk exposure usually pay higher premiums than low-risk businesses for E&O insurance. If your company is part of a field where a mistake is considered significant and expensive, you will possibly pay more than if it is easy to correct a mistake at a lower cost.

Your Claims and Insurance History

Having a history of insurance claims, early cancelation of your policies and other related factors may contribute to higher insurance premiums for companies.

Your Coverage Limits and Insurance Package

If you want more insurance coverage, the amount you or anyone else will earn after a claim, you will have to pay more for higher coverage limits. You can usually receive two or three options with our policy suggestions when you get an instant quote online with CouvertLA Insurance.

Choose the option for your coverage needs and your budget that works best. Through bundling your E&O coverage with another package, such as general liability, workers’ compensation, or commercial car. Insurance, you will save 10 percent on insurance premiums.

You can select the E&O insurance monthly premium or annual payment plans when you are ready to buy your policy.

How is E&O Insurance different from Professional Liability Insurance?

There is no distinction between insurance against mistakes and omissions and insurance against professional liability. The same coverage is provided by them both. The only distinction is that some industries, including technology practitioners, real estate agents, and insurance agents, generally use the term “E&O insurance.”

Accountants, attorneys, architects and engineers, and other firms have practitioners who call the policy professional liability insurance.

Bottom line: you can get personalized coverage and proof of protection for your company in a matter of minutes with CouvertLA, whether you name it errors and omissions insurance or professional liability insurance.

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